August 23, 2019

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Determining SSDI Eligibility

According to the Social Security Administration’s (SSA’s) disability benefits handbook, your chances of becoming disabled are higher than you might think. Twenty-year old workers have a 25 percent chance of becoming disabled by the time they retire. … [Read more...]

Know Your SSDI Application Status

Are you filing an application for Social Security Disability? The process can take some time (two to four months to get a response). It can be confusing and even frustrating especially when you don’t know what to expect, what has happened to your … [Read more...]

Claiming Cerebral Palsy Benefits

Cerebral palsy is a more or less general term that includes a number of motor disorders which can develop in the womb, during pregnancy and up to about three years of age. Cerebral palsy primarily affects posture and movement, but has also been shown … [Read more...]

Why do you Hire a Lawyer for a Social Security Disability Claim

There are a lucky few people who do not have to hire a lawyer when they are filing social security claims. These individuals have clear cut cases where it is obvious that their injury or condition will result in a disability for more than a year. But … [Read more...]

Does owning a home hurt my SSI eligibility or benefits?

The Social Security Administration's (SSA) Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program is a need-based program that specifically targets individuals who have little income and few assets. Persons who wish to apply for SSI benefits must meet certain … [Read more...]

Social Security Disability for Crohn’s Disease

Crohn's disease is a condition marked by chronic inflammation of the entire digestive system, all the way from the mouth through the alimentary canal. The condition causes ulcers along the gastrointestinal tract, especially in the large and small … [Read more...]

How to Choose a Disability Lawyer

Having the right disability attorney on your side is crucial to the success of your Social Security disability benefits claim or appeal. It all comes down to whether your disability lawyer has experience winning the type of claim that you have. … [Read more...]