August 23, 2019

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How to Choose a Disability Lawyer

Tips from Experienced Disability Attorneys

Selecting a disability lawyer from a long list of law firms in your area can be time consuming. If you know what you are looking for before you start making phone calls, you’ll be in a better position to recognize the right law firm when you see it. Try the following suggestions as characteristics to evaluate the disability law firms you find on

Service-Oriented — A good disability lawyer understands the limitations a disability imposes. He or she should be gracious and accommodating, willing to come to their clients to provide face-to-face personal service.

Communicative — The best disability lawyers are not just good at legal strategy, they’re excellent communicators who answer your questions and provide you with clear, straightforward information.

Assertive — The disability lawyer you choose should be able to represent your disability claim with confidence and willing to stand up for your rights with a sense of determination.

Knowledgeable — Your disability law firm should not only be familiar with the Social Security Disability Insurance claims process or whatever program you are applying for, they should also be able to discuss all stages of the claims process, including denial and appeals, during your initial consultation.

Successful — Screen your disability lawyers for one who can get you results. It’s acceptable to ask about previous cases and their track record of successful benefit approvals before you agree to representation.

Experienced — Choose a disability law firm that has helped a large number of clients go through the same disability claims process.

Team-focused — The disability claims process is much stronger when you’ve got several legal experts focusing on various aspects of your case, such as medical documentation, claims amount, appeal strategy, and so on.

Compassionate — You want a law firm that cares about its clients, one that understands how important these benefits are to your family and future. Talk to several disability lawyers before making a decision and note which ones are attentive, kind, and truly invested in your outcome.

Proactive — A good disability lawyer is proactive, whether submitting an initial application or challenging a denial. He or she is also prepared for worst-case scenario denials with a strategic plan.

If you or a member of your family has been seriously hurt and you need expert legal guidance on benefit programs, find a disability lawyer in your area.